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Artist:Philip GudthkudthayArtist: England Banggala

Artist unknown: Two Barramundi X-ray painting
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Artist unknown: Two Barramundi X-ray painting

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Artist: Unknown

Location: Oenpelli:  West Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

Collected: Early 1970

Title: Two Barramundi

Size: 75cm x 48cm

Description: The large freshwater Barramundi or Namarnkol abounds in the waters of the Alligator and Liverpool Rivers and numerous examples are painted on rock art friezes near Oenpelli.  The barramundi are an significant  food source in the Aboriginal’s diet and an important mythological link to the Dream time. Spirit power and every day items are essentially interlinked.    It is believed that the barramundi created the plunging gorges along which the Alligator River flows through the sandstone country. 
It is interesting to note, as it is found in much Western Arnhem Land bark painting the artist has painted what is often described as x-ray art or some of the internal organs and back bone of the fish as well as the rarrk or ceremonial crosshatching.  The x-ray elements have merged to form a bold overall pattern

Price: $2200 AUD

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